free online courses

You might want to pursue some courses for professional help but you don’t have time to attend regular classes? You can now fulfil your dreams through online courses offered by different universities with certificates. A certificate course not only helps you learn but also acquire good jobs. A certificate isContinue Reading

Corona virus

All of it started in the Wuhan district of China. The epicenter of Coronavirus Disease. It has already affected 7,24 566 people globally. China announced one of the most important precautions which will eventually lead to a slower economic breakdown. China suggested confinement as a precaution to stop the outbreakContinue Reading

Benefits of children reading

Reading is a very good habit which should be seeded in children from a very early age. Studies suggest that children should be exposed to storybooks, rhymes etc for better cognitive development. A child should not be exposed to television or mobile phones at an early age.  What Are TheContinue Reading

home made sanitizer

The outbreak and rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, also known as nCoVid19, has taken a heavy toll on the entire world. Many countries have been put under total lockdown in an effort to lower the spread of the highly-contagious virus. Doing this will, in turn, help lower new infectionContinue Reading

e biking

We’re existing in the tomorrow! In all phases, technology has enhanced our experiences, whether that implies through breakthrough medications, renewable power or different sporting plans to keep us busy (and living) longer, one concerning these innovations is the automatic and eco-friendly bike. You might have previously observed one of theseContinue Reading

consumer audio

The consumer audio space is an exciting sector within the audio technology industry. It’s fascinating to see that the sector has evolved rapidly throughout the years as audio technologies have seen drastic improvements. Also, consumer audio preferences have been the key driver for the growth in the space over theContinue Reading

environmental care

The concern for environment care and protection is now in limelight more than ever before. With the ongoing environmental changes and their impact, people have now become highly concerned about caring for the environment. It has become a high time for everybody to prioritise environment care. Caring for the environmentContinue Reading

courses for students

Gone are the days when the options for higher studies were limited to university-offered courses. Students can now go for non-conventional courses and embark on a rewarding career path. As compared to conventional educational courses offered by universities, independent courses are based on experiential learning approach. Also, many new independentContinue Reading

holi safety rules

Holi isn’t Holi without wet colours, water balloons, colour bombs, and colour shooters. If you want to celebrate Holi in a proper way, it’s a must to come out of your comfort zone and embrace all the important aspects of the festivity. And it’s fun too. Whether you want toContinue Reading