Are contacts better than glasses?

Whether to opt for contact lenses or glasses has been more of a personal choice. People opt for contact lenses because it is comfortable, convenient, trendy and saves one from the hassle of looking after glasses. But not many know that contact lenses have certain significant benefits.
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For example, proclear contact lenses are highly recommended for people experiencing dry eyes. This lens is specially created to address this problem and it binds water to the lens thereby making the wearer feel comfortable and fresh throughout the day.

Advantages and disadvantages of glasses

However, glasses do offer quite a few benefits over contact lenses like:

  • They are maintenance-free as they require very little cleaning
  • They are worn away from the eyes
  • They are cheaper and also don’t need to be replaced as often as contact lenses
  • Some glasses using photochromic lenses can even optimise the amount of sunlight entering the eyes

Going by the above benefits of glasses it would seem that glasses have a definite advantage over contact lenses. But this is rarely the case because some of its benefits can turn into its disadvantage. For instance, wearing the glasses at a distance from the eyes changes the focal length slightly thereby making it necessary to opt for frequent and regular eye check-ups.

People requiring reading vision correct either have to:

  • Carry around an additional pair of glasses
  • Use bifocal lenses which can limit eye vision and cause inconvenience
  • Progressive lenses solve the above problems but are expensive

Why should a person opt for contact lenses?

Contact lenses impart certain significant benefits that improve the health of the eye and even facilitate better vision correction. Since they are placed inside the eye, there is no distance between the pupil and the lens. The focal length of the eye remains the same and the wearer can enjoy better vision.

With technological advances, there have been significant improvements in contact lens technology. Consequently, people with astigmatism, those requiring bifocal corrections etc. can also use contact lenses.

Pros and cons of contact lenses

Some of the advantages scientifically associated with contact lenses are:

  • By conforming to the eye curvature of the wearer, they enable a wider field view with the wearer experiencing lesser obstructions and distortions
  • They do not hamper daily life activities like exercising or sports
  • They do not fog due to weather conditions or even when wearing a face mask

Some of the disadvantages associated with wearing contact lenses are:

  • Applying the contact lens to the eyes can seem problematic in the beginning but practise makes one perfect the technique
  • People working at the computer for long hours might experience discomfort but this can be easily corrected by using appropriate eye drops
  • Contact lenses have to be cleaned and maintained properly every day to prevent an eye infection from occurring
  • Falling asleep with contact lenses, other than those approved for extended wear, can irritate the eye when one wakes up

Wearing contact lense Australia is a good alternative to wearing glasses provided the wearer is aware of its disadvantages.  They are also unobtrusive and hence do not limit the wearer’s ability to dress up and make a style statement.
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