Best Practices to Leverage SEO to Multiply Traction

A smart way to stand out among the millions of contents online is by making good use of SEO. Working hard is a good practice, but working smart is a better one. Let us jog through the points that will help you learn quick SEO techniques to increase website traffic. 

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Being an SEO expert is all about a perfect mix of practice and experimentation. To stay at the top of the ever-changing Google algorithms, you will need a good deal of research. This article will help you by suggesting some of the best ways to stay at the top of the SEO game. 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the simplest way to increase the quality and quantity of search traffic on your website. It drives the organic and unpaid traffic to your content from the search engine results. 

In today’s world, SEO writing is referred to as an art. A good SEO will boost your website engagement and help in ranking it higher on the Google search engines. You can keep up with the SEO trends with the help of the tools provided by WhatsMySerp

Why is SEO important? 

Search engines aspire to serve their clients and provide the best results available. A good, calculated SEO will help you gain a place on the top results page for your desired audience. SEO consists of keywords that stand out in the scan and best represent your content. 

Jotting down a few of the benefits of a good SEO to help you understand its importance.

  • Expands your visibility on the different search engines.

  • A greater chance to reach the desired viewers.

  • High rise in the sales and revenue collection. 

Factors that affect the SEO ranking

It is difficult to keep up with the latest developments and changes in SEO ranking. However, you need to do the hard work and try to match steps with the changes. Without a proper SEO that satisfies all the factors, your website will remain invisible. 

If you are struggling to understand the factors that affect a good SEO, go through the following list. 


A good SEO does not depend only on the keywords you use. Moreover, you can go through the “SERP checker” on WhatsMySerp to know more about your website’s position.

  • Sufficient Links

Links are the base of a web. Thus, you should never forget about this crucial bit. The content should have all three kinds of links, inbound, outbound, and internal links.

  • A secure and accessible website

SEO ranking also depends on the website URL. An URL that is easily accessible to Google’s bots and can help them scan your page without any trouble.

  • Page Speed

Google mentioned in their algorithm in 2018 that SEO rank will also depend on mobile page speed. They focus on the customer experience, which is heightened with the fastest loading web pages.

  • Mobile Friendliness

It is known that more people are comfortable with mobile users than any other device. Thus, your website design should cater to mobile needs. Thus, Google tends to rank websites higher that are mobile optimized.

  • User Experience

It is a no-brainer that websites that satisfy the viewer’s need will rank higher. Google uses artificial intelligence called RankBrain that checks user signals on your website. The signals include, Bounce rate, Click through rate and Dwell time. 

Techniques to ace the SEO game

Like we promised, this article is all about helping you build a powerful SEO. To learn more about SERPs use WhatsMySerp.

  • Learn to understand your user

Google is a data company and its motto is to collect data and form a stronger search engine. Read feedbacks from your target consumers and work accordingly. Match your content to the public needs. Go through social media platforms and analyze the maximum shared posts. 

  • Create SEO optimized landing pages

The greater number of landing pages equals more gateways for attracting traffic. Create high-quality landing pages catering to your content and then boost these pages through SEO. However, keep in mind that a good landing page is always just one page. 

  • Do an SEO audit

Auditing your website will help you troubleshoot. You will have a clearer sense of what is not working for your website.
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Auditing is a growth hack that examines your site performances and pushes you to a better SEO.

  • Concentrate on Infographics

Infographics are growing popular in the new age. They help you convey any information in easy visuals. Research shows that 65% of people are visual learners, making infographics a big hit. Thus, websites that use infographics attract more traffic than regular ones.

  • High word count target

To crack the first-page logarithm of Google, your content needs to have a high word count. A common top result word count is 1,447 words. Websites with a content of 1,500 words or more receive more shares. However, this count should not lead you to compromise quality.


The above tips and tricks when kept in mind, should help in boosting your website drastically. Keep hustling but throw in some smart techniques in the mix. Also, never fear experimenting as it can help you stand out and gain traffic.
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