Want to Delete Your Letgo Account? It’s Fairly Easy

Excessive advertising emails have been a big nuisance for people in the recent past. So, techie nerds have found a way out of the annoyance. So, many people are learning the ways to delete Letgo account.

What is Letgo?

Letgo is an app that allows customers to interact and trade with as well as buy from people in their locality. The platform can be used either via web browser or from a mobile device. After you create a Letgo account, the platform enables you to upload descriptions and images of the things you want to buy or sell and also browse through the products uploaded by other users.

Once you are done with using the app, you may want to delete or deactivate your Letgo account.

Why Do You Want to Delete Your Letgo Account?

There are several reasons why people want to deactivate or cancel their Letgo account.

In the age of growing cyber threats, you should understand how the cyber criminals try to access your sensitive details. Your personal emails are the premium points for the hackers’ entry. Your email profiles are linked to important and routine internet activities. Therefore, if hackers manage to retrieve your email from your old account, they can access your social networking details, gaming preferences, picture storage, streams and other services. If you don’t delete your old accounts, hackers will use this information for malicious purposes. Hence you should know how to cancel Letgo account.

Other reasons that may prompt you to remove your Letgo account are:

  • You are bombarded with too many advertisement-related or promotional communications from the Letgo applications. These emails populate your inbox and you may miss out on your important emails.
  • You created an account to use the app for purchasing or selling one item and now the purpose has been fulfilled.

How to Delete Your Letgo Account?

It is a painstaking task to delete your Letgo account. It will take time. On top of that, you might experience some issues if you have forgotten passwords. In this blog, we will guide you throughout the process so that you can delete your Letgo account without any hassle.

Follow the following instructions to remove your Letgo account.

  • Log into your Letgo account.
  • Select the profile option on the top right side of Letgo page.
  • You can choose My Profile option below the Email notification.
  • Select Security in “My Profile” option.
  • Select your preferred data option and click “Delete Account”.
  • A window will pop up for confirmation. Click “Yes, delete my account”.
  • A message will appear to notify you that your old account will be removed in the next 48 hours.

Use Email to Delete Your Letgo Account

If you do not want to cancel your Letgo membership in the aforementioned way, there is another way to delete your old account. This time, it can be done via your email.

  • Log into to your email account you used to register with Letgo.
  • Send an email to [email protected] Type “Letgo Account Deletion” on the subject line. 
  • Write an email to request Letgo for your account removal.
  • You will be notified that your account has been removed.

You May Experience Some Issues While Deleting Your Letgo Account

There are multiple reasons why you may experience some issues while removing your old, unused account.

  • If you have forgotten your email, recovery email or password, it will make things difficult to delete your account since these details are needed to access your account.
  • It will be a big problem to contact the service provider since you have lost their contact details.
  • You are likely to experience problems while removing an old Letgo account of a deceased friend or relative.