Facebook Launches Social Audio That goes Beyond Clubhouse

Storytelling facilitates the formation of meaningful relationships between people: we all have stories to tell our families, societies, and the rest of the world. Speech, sound, and language are the fundamental elements of how we communicate with one another. As a result, strong audio interactions can be both immersive and intimate.
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Audio easily blends into our hectic schedules, allowing us to be motivated by new ideas and converse with like-minded people without feeling rushed. You can share your personal story or join in on a global discussion in any way, anywhere, anywhere — even if you don’t have any makeup on, even if you’re driving or running!


Facebook is bringing social audio to the platform with monetizable live audio rooms, advanced AI software, and native podcast integration.


Facebook has released a collection of resources and Social Audio services to help users connect in new ways. A rival to Clubhouse, which has made audio the most popular social media trend, is among the offerings.


Over the next few months, the audio tools and features will be released.


Tools for Soundbites in the Studio


Facebook reported that it has invested in audio technology such as speech-to-text and sound morphing in order to bring pro sound studio power to everyday users through a user-friendly interface.


The aim is for people to be able to create audio stories using advanced AI technology that can be used in both public and private spaces.


Facebook asserts that:


“We can render audio quality magically perfect — even if you record on a busy street corner — thanks to our advances in AI. To set the mood of your post, you can use music from Facebook’s Sound Collection in the background. The ability to combine audio tracks, as well as a growing library of sound effects, voice effects, and filters”


The audio resources will serve as the basis for Facebook’s upcoming suite of social audio products.


Soundbites: Is TikTok for Audio the Next Big Thing?


Soundbites is a form of audio that is just a few seconds long. Short form something usually refers to “snackable” content that can be consumed on the go or to pass the time.


This is how Facebook explains it:


“Imagine Drew Lynch, the actor, sharing his brief rants and food reviews… Lolo Spencer, an accessibility champion, sharing regular affirmations and inspiring quotes;… Molly Burke, a blind motivational speaker, is documenting inspiring tales of overcoming adversity…”


At first glance, short form snackable audio material appears to be similar to TikTok for audio. However, Facebook’s explanations sound like a simplified version of a day’s worth of NPR programming for people with limited attention spans.




Facebook also revealed the long-awaited addition of native podcast listening to the Facebook app. Podcasting has become a common pastime in recent years, although it has taken a small hit as a result of the pandemic, as less people listen to podcasts when commuting.


Clubhouse Competitor – Live Audio Rooms


Facebook is launching a feature called Live Audio Rooms. This is Facebook’s version of Clubhouse, which will be available by the end of the summer on the Facebook and Messenger apps.


Facebook Groups can be used to introduce Live Audio Rooms.


The experience is described by Facebook as “unlocking audio”:


“…we hope that unlocking audio can be as energizing and enjoyable as Groups.


We’ll also give public figures Live Audio Rooms to host discussions with other public figures, experts, and fans as part of this initial rollout, since we know communities aren’t formed only in Groups.


We’re making live audio more discoverable and available so that public figures can…share their thoughts with new audiences and provide a platform for conversation without the added burden of being on camera.”


Messenger’s Live Audio would be a fun way to chat with your colleagues.


According to Facebook, almost 2 billion people use Facebook Groups, giving Facebook a significant lead in social audio.




Facebook is concentrating on making their audio products more available. Soundbites would be able to come with subtitles, possibly thanks to their text-to-speech technology.


Facebook is Compensating its Creators.


Facebook will also be developing ways for creators to monetize their audio products, according to the announcement.


“Shortly after launch, we’ll introduce additional monetization options, such as the ability to charge for access to a Live Audio Room through a single purchase or a subscription. Finally, to help launch Soundbites, we’re launching an Audio Creator Fund to benefit up-and-coming audio creators while also getting early reviews on the new product.”


The announcement by Facebook is more than a response to Clubhouse. There’s more to Facebook’s take on social audio, like the opportunity to make money.

The only way for this to succeed in the long run is for developers to profit from their efforts.
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