Gangster King  & Queen Tattoos: Types, Symbolic Significance & Best Designs

Tattoo designs are not a new thing. It seems to have resurfaced from the abyss of history which is not less than 5000 years in age. Though it is much celebrated as a statement of fashion these days, tattoo is actually a work of art. Gangster King and Queen Tattoos might be a new craze among the youngsters and even middle-aged people but its history is as ancient and amazing as it could get.

These tattoos look really beautiful but the process of tattoo inking is excruciatingly painful. For the last few years, tattoo has become a trend among the teenagers and youth (both boys and girls). The king and queen tattoo represent different aspects. In the next section, we will discuss about them.

Why to Get Your Body Tattooed?

Tattoo is usually done on certain parts of the body.  A person usually gets tattooed on one or two areas. However, some crazy people love a ‘full-body’ tattoo.

There are many reasons why people love getting their body tattooed. Most of them do it for fashion whereas some love to impress the ‘love’ in their life. A few cine-crazy or soccer-lovers are influenced by their favourite superhero or football stars. Some people, they are mainly teenagers or in early 20s, think they will look smart and cool with a beautiful work of art on their body.

Only a few people are curious to know if the tattoo designs have any hidden meaning. For example, king and queen tattoos. There are countless designs in this category. The symbolic significance often stays shadowed under elaborate ornamentation.

Surprisingly, many gangsters were curious to know the symbolism intimately linked to gangster king and queen tattoos. They embraced many king and queen tattoo designs as the inner meaning reflects their belief and ambition.

In this blog, we will enjoy a whimsical take on these tattoos and explain the meaning, mysteries and majesty they represent.

King and Queen Tattoos

King and queen tats are not a new craze. However, they seem to have made a royal comeback to the fashion world. Previously, these tattoos used to represent the assets of the mafia and other criminal gangs. With their symbolic importance witnessed by history, these tattoos enjoy a stand-out status in public if compared to other tattoo designs.

Gangsters are notorious people involved in illegal activities. All gangsters belong to and work for a particular group. There are different groups among the gangsters, depending on the regions where they operate and the type of illegal activities they are engaged in. These groups use unique names and symbols, the sight or mention of which strikes fear among the common, peace-loving people.

Interestingly, many couples are falling for these tattoos to show their love for each other. The King and the Queen represent a strong bond between them. This concept prompts the young couple to put tattoo on their thumbs, arms, shoulders and other areas of their bodies. Whether it is a strong fascination for the designs or a way of expressing love for the beloved, many people are now visiting parlour for getting tattoos inked on their favourite body parts.

What Do These Designs Stand for?

Categorization of king and queen tattoos can be done according to who rules the state. Gangster king and queen tattoos signify power and strength as they are the rulers of the groups, states and countries.

Why Do These Tattoos Represent Power?

  • A gangster is always open to new recruits.
  • By accommodating more people in the group, it becomes more powerful and exhibits hegemony.
  • A single person is never as powerful as a group of powerful people. So, the like-minded people, with no objection to engaging in illegal activities, join hands, choose their leaders and create groups. Over time, they welcome new members and expand.
  • They create their symbol and/or slogan and are identified with the unique tattoo, which eventually becomes a symbolic representation of their true characters, beliefs and ambition.

Do These Tattoos Mean a Sin?

In Islam, tattoo is considered a sin. Painting any living person or animal is strictly forbidden in Islam. According to the basic tenets of this Abrahamic religion, having a tattoo is similar to worshipping a figure and hence, would go against the fundamental principle of Islam.

Many religions prefer to maintain silence on this matter whereas some others appreciate the culture. We all have heard about Egyptian mummies. Do you know their mortal remains were covered with gangster king and queen tattoos?

The Tattoos, The Trends…..

This artwork unfortunately used to represent only a criminal or mafia gang. However, with the flow of time, the celebrities from Bollywood and Hollywood have started showing their inclinations towards tattoo designs. These silver screen stars show off their tattoos. It is kind of making a style statement. The idea is infectious and the players are also not far behind.

These stars are the icons for many teens and youths with dreamy eyes to make it big in their professional life. So, these tattoos have become trendsetters in the fashion world and thousands of people have now become crazy over them, whether in developed or developing nations.

Love becomes passion and passion turns into obsession without one’s being aware of it. This is the case with many in their teens and early youth. The young couples are not immune to this contiguous fashion trend. Though it is more rampant in the USA, other countries are also catching the fever. You can now spot tattoo parlours where specialized tattoo artists can be seen creating incredible designs on clients’ bodies.

Tattoos, as an art, catch eyes, whether or not you love going for it.

Just Go and Get It Inked

Get yourself free from the burden of wrong notion that tattoos are a modern invention. It is an ancient thing and even believed to be a ‘before Christ’ trend. Though equated with power and strength among the mafia and criminal gangs, it is now a new buzz among the teens, youths and even many mid-aged couples.

People feel that they look smart and cool with these tattoos. Tattoo artists use your body as a canvas and create great designs. Hence, tattoos are a great work of art. The once-upon-a-time trend became tradition, then went into oblivion and has emerged as a new sensation. An interesting cycle that will hopefully keep going!

Best King and Queen Tattoos

Card Tattoo: Gangster king and queen card tattoos represent a recluse and avid gamer who enjoys gaming in every aspect of his life.

Small Crown Tattoo: Who says small is not beautiful? Small tattoos are a big favourite with both men and women. The understated designs look cool. On top of that, they are amazingly versatile, giving you a choice to go with any design that is a perfect fit for your neck or finger. Small tats are cheaper. They take less time to complete and hence, you won’t have to suffer much pain.

Name with Crown Tattoo: A name tattoo with a crown is perfect for those who always favour a deeply personal design. You are at liberty to choose anything that is fascinating and meaningful at the same time. A tattoo tailored to suit your personality makes it more YOU-centric and symbolic. You can include your partner’s name in your tat. A crown with your beloved’s name gives a romantic feel. However, you can also get the names of other people inked, whether live or dead. It is a way to express your love for your loved ones.

Simple Crown Tattoo: Simplicity is often an understated beauty; it is now time for you to appreciate the fact. If you have got bored of elaborate designs, try a tat that looks simple yet meaningful and elegant. Consider lines and shapes if you think simplicity will work for your persona. These pieces don’t involve much of shading work and look best in classic black ink.

Rolex Crown Tattoo: Rolex is one of the elitist brands in the business of manufacturing royal and expensive wristwatches. The name has almost become synonymous with quality, innovation and luxury. What if these ideas are converted in tattoos? Rolex’s crown logo has become a big hit with tattoo crazies. This logo is symbolic of prestige, aristocracy and success. If you are someone with iron-like determination to fulfil your goals and achieve material greatness, go with the body art to tell the world that you have arrived. 

Gangster King Crown Tattoo: The 5-pointed tattoo represents the Latin Kings Gang. The 1940-gang was formed in Chicago. The ALKN in the tattoo symbolizes Almighty Latin King Nation. This tat looks cool but you should always delve deep into history and symbolism before getting a tat inked on your body. Unless you cannot free yourself from obsession for these bad guys, try to avoid that tat. The ink is thought to make the gangster “my crazy life” look cool.

Rose with Crown Tattoo: The bold and bright filled with meaning – this is what the rose with crown tattoo looks like. Rose is the most popular bloom. The tat looks visually appealing and symbolically significant. It represents pain and pleasures going in a cyclic motion in a person’s life.

You can choose from different shades but red is most popular of all. The colour represents love, desire and passion. The crown is traditionally associated with victory, glory, power, self-control and fearlessness. Choose a bright colour for an aesthetic effect.

Cross and Crown Tattoo: The tattoo on the chest represents the prince crown tattoo of gangs that were put behind the bars in Russian prisons. If you are a Christian and irresistibly drawn to religiosity and spirituality, it will be a good artwork to flaunt off on your body.

The tattoo is symbolically associated with Jesus Christ’s infamous crucifixion. Anyone wearing the tattoo is thought to represent himself as a noble soul who is ready to sacrifice for humanity. Paired with a cross, the symbol depicts the Biblical belief that anyone who has done good deed on earth will get rewards in heaven.

Crown with Thorns Tattoo: It is a religious symbol that finds a strong reference in the Bible Story of Jesus Christ. Before Jesus was crucified, he was forced to wear this headpiece. This crown was adorned with thorns and gave Jesus excruciating pain. Some gangs can give this tattoo a try. The thorn symbolizes Jesus’s sacrifice for humanity.

In hindsight, the tattoo signifies the hardships that a kind has to face throughout his life. He makes his way to victory and glory by walking on the path of thorns and not roses. Hence, this symbol is attached to great spiritual values as well as inner meanings and teachings that a great man’s life is a mirror to.

Crown with Anchor Tattoo: You don’t need to be a sailor to appreciate the fascinating artwork represented by a crown with anchor tattoo. Anchor keeps a ship in place and prevents it getting drifted in the current. Hence, the tattoo is associated with grounding and stability.

Men, who want to stay grounded and focused during hardships, may consider this design a true representation of their struggle, determination and dedication. These people are hopeful about a rosy future and never give up even when their lives are eclipsed by adversities.

Combined with a crown, it reveals your love for the sea.

Crown and Feather Tattoo: A feather has great symbolic meanings. Human beings wish to fly high and go the places seemingly impossible to reach. Feather is, therefore, linked to freedom. The crown is a bejewelled headpiece for the monarchs and so, a symbol of power, bravery and glory. Hence, a combination of two elements makes the design look interesting. Both look mesmerizing in coloured ink. A bold and beautiful pairing that you will love to sport!

Crown Finger Tattoo: It is a trendy design that looks simple yet beautiful and meaningful. You can get it inked on any finger. Unfortunately, it fades away pretty quickly. But if you don’t mind frequenting a tattoo parlour for a crisp design on your finger, you can definitely go with such a small, super cool and smart crown finger tat.

Lion with Crown Tattoo: The crown suits a lion, the King of the Jungle. This beast, with all its strength, courage and fierceness, is at its majestic best always. Crown signifies power, victory and control. Both king and lion rule the region they live in. The combination appeals to the gangsters as they are keen on monopolizing their power and ruling over others. Therefore, this king and queen tattoo goes well with their belief. Anyone who thinks in the similar line and admires the concept of confidence, courage and conquering, will appreciate this design.

King Crown Tattoo: Crown has great significance in a king’s life. It is strongly associated with strength, power and fame. A king is the epitome of glory and grace to his subjects. So, no wonder that the gangsters will love the same traits as desire, determination and diligence are the stepping stones to success. Moreover, like a king, the gangsters want to achieve supreme authority and strength.

Many gangs are also drawn to the eternal bonding between the king and the queen, which these tattoos represent. You can get the phrase ‘Her King” inked with the crown. It is a nice way to scream out to the world that you have been taken.

Queen Crown Tattoo: A queen crown tattoo is more on the side of femininity. It is the ‘SHE’ power that is a culmination of inner strength, patience and tolerance with a feminine side strongly attached to the entire persona and enigma that a woman is.  

Paired with a royal crown, it looks impressive, enigmatic and immersive. Besides it symbolizes victory, royalty and nobility. A man, with an honest and innocent intention to honour the love of his life, might choose to wear this tattoo. It will marry his strong masculinity with soft femininity which the tattoo represents and beautifies.

Heart with Crown Tattoo: A crown tattoo with a heart is more than just a piece of stunning art work. The wearer, who knows the symbolism associated with this tattoo, will appreciate this artwork more. Kings or monarchs wear the crown that is a token of their power, nobility, triumph, foresightedness and authority.

This tattoo dates back to the time of the Irish Claddagh ring. The symbol features two hands, a crown and a heart. The direction of the headdress is no less important. The wrist tattoo implies you are engaged with someone whereas the opposite tells if you are yet to be taken.

Crown and Sword Tattoo: Both carry deeper meaningx. A sword cuts through the adversities and so, stands for power. A king is who knows best how to tame power and when to unleash it on enemies. A king without crown and sword does not look like a king at all. If a sword is the symbol of strength, crown signifies a king’s courage, self-confidence, nobility, perseverance, dignity and glorious achievements.

Many gangs favour king and queen tattoos because they are symbolic of eternal love and respect for each other that every couple want to give and get in their conjugal relationship. Some include a phrase “her king” implying that the wearer is already committed to someone.

Skull and Crown Tattoo: This is an incredible artwork. However, its inner meaning is open to interpretations. King and crown represent power, self-confidence and leadership and a human skull symbolizes protection, strength and death. Some gang clubs prefer this tattoo image as it is believed to bring them good luck.

Final Words

A tattoo is a wonderful piece of art. It has an ancient root that can be traced back to time before Christ’s birth. Therefore, though often proclaimed and pampered as a modern sensation, it is an age-old practice to use your body as a canvas.

Gangster King and Queen tattoos still rock after so many years. Despite the fact that these were used to be admired and adorned by the gangsters, mafias and other criminals, the symbolic significance of these tattoos is still appreciated by many men and women. Interestingly, all these tattoos symbolize good qualities that the BAD GUYS wanted to emulate for wrong purposes.

Go with a choice that resonates with inner YOU and make a cool, smart and very personal style statement full of symbolism.