Hindi Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs for Children’s


Indiaparenting Hindi – Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs is the best goal to locate an enormous assortment of Popular Hindi nursery rhymes, for example, “machhli jal ki rani hai”, “Pyaasa Kauwa”, “Chook Chook Ghaadi”, “Chunnu Munnu Theey Do Bhai” and some more. Look at our energized melodies (Balgeet) and Hindi rhymes assortment and let your children groove and learn. All the rhymes or recordings experience thorough arranging and testing before we distribute them on YouTube. We take incredible consideration about the characters, music and hues that we use while making these rhymes and stories. If it’s not too much trouble don’t neglect to buy in to our channel as we can keep you refreshed consistently with all the exciting recordings we are creating.


Most kids love being told nursery rhymes. The most mainstream Hindi Nursery Rhymes are recorded here. Nursery rhymes bring back affectionate recollections of our adolescence! Presently you can pass this to your Children. We here present a portion of the well known Hindi rhymes and urge you to contribute your preferred Hindi nursery rhyme to our database.


Have you chosen to show your child Hindi? Have you at any point attempted Hindi rhymes for kids while playing with your little ones?


Do you recall your youth long periods of perusing nursery rhymes? Wasn’t it fun? At the point when you were a kid they were very ‘stylish’. After some time, they appear to have lost their prominence despite the fact that Hindi rhymes for kids are amazing to mess around with your kid.


It is safe to say that you are searching for the most ideal way which can support up your kid’s mind in a positive and upgrading way? Nursery rhymes in Hindi offer oral help to kids and they additionally support up their hearing mindfulness. Make Hindi rhymes a piece of your youngster’s pre-education aptitudes. What can be preferred for a youngster over learning the first language which huge affects developing a kid’s psychological turn of events?


What are the Benefits of Teaching Your Child Nursery Rhymes in Hindi?


Assists with growing Phonemic Awareness:


As a matter of first importance, Hindi nursery rhymes instruct youngsters to articulate Hindi words rapidly. Loads of nursery rhymes are brimming with clever words and additions, which have the job of improving a youngster’s discourse. Above everything, nursery rhymes show the youngsters the right articulation and pitch.


Building Articulation and Memory:


Hindi rhymes for kids are loaded up with rhyming words that are one of a kind as far as the customary words we use in our ordinary correspondence. Adolescence is the high an ideal opportunity to acquaint your children with these examples of words. Nursery rhymes help your kid’s cerebrum to check the contrast between numerous syllables and recognize the similitude between rhyming words.


Assists with understanding The Concept:


At the point when you are playing with Hindi rhymes for kids, you are likewise making an approach to add to their inventive turn of events. Alongside helping their Hindi jargon, you are likewise helping them to learn conceptual ideas like little, enormous, back, front, first and last.


Various words utilized in nursery rhymes help the kids to create language cognizance by partner words with articles, individuals, and occasions in their day by day life.


Encouraging youngsters some new things is consistently a fun, as long as you can might suspect and do at their level. Hindi is a serious rich language with an alleviating style and tone. You can undoubtedly assist your youngster with understanding and gain proficiency with the Hindi language by discussing a couple of famous Hindi rhymes for kids as and when you play with them.

Machhali Jal Ki Hai Raani

Chaand Id ka

Pyaasa Kauwa

Chunnu Munnu Thhey Do Bhai

Billi Mausi

Meri Gudiya


Barish aaya chhm chham chham

Titli udi re, uda n saki

Bandar Mama

Haathi Raja

Chook Chook Gaadi


Dhobi Aaya




Titli udi re, uda n saki

Sun mere bete Paltu sun

Bhookhi Billi