Not Sure If You Need a Plumber? Know How a Plumber Can Help You

Plumbing issue is plaguing you? Oh, no, it is a worldwide problem. Today, it is your problem, tomorrow it will be others’. Moreover, you may experience the problem any day, any moment. Certainly there are effective preventive measures that you can follow to prevent plumbing issues for a long time but nothing in this world is immune to wear and tear of usage. There is no way to avoid the unavoidable i.e. plumbing problems. Sooner or later, you will have to face it.

It is the age of DIY effort. There are Google Master, YouTube instructor and you definitely want to stay on top of solutions. So it surprises me no longer that some people, driven by their overenthusiasm, try to deal with their plumbing difficulties on their owm. If things work, it’s their credit but if not, it is easy to blame not having tools. Head – you are good and Tail – anything but you are bad.

Let me throw the TRUTH at you. DIY efforts are not suitable for all types of plumbing issues. If you don’t have skills and experience in plumbing work, never attempt it. In all likelihood, you will end up making a mess of everything. It will take more time to address the problem and depending on the time and labour invested, may cost you more than what you would have to pay a pro.

Still confused? Saving a few pennies is a big lure but after a heavy DIY disaster, you will discover it a big hoax. I will now explain 5 reasons why you should call in qualified and experienced plumbers near me to handle any of your plumbing issues, minor or major.

Leak Repairing: Leaky faucets and fixtures are very common plumbing issues. People often pay no attention to minor leaks as these don’t create big problems. However, persistent dripping could turn worse over time. It often leads to rusting on the fittings and faucets and even may cause flooring to rot or loosen. Hence, patching minor leaks is highly important to avoid serious problems.

Clogged Drain Clearing: It is a major issue everywhere, from roads to your kitchen, toilet and shower. You do cleaning after cooking and so, it is unlikely of you to know what clogs your drain. But it could be anything – hair, scum, grease or any residue accumulating in the passage and finally clogging it completely. Never ever try to fix the problems on your own. Instead, contact a professional plumber as soon as possible to get the problems solved.

Potential Problems Identification: Cooking oil, soap-suds, hair are the most common depositions in pipes. If not cleaned regularly, these will accumulate and finally, clog the pipes and drains. Aged pipes often develop rust. Loud noises generated by water heaters or pumps are the indicators of plumbing emergency that needs to be addressed. None of these is suitable for your DIY effort and professional intervention is a must. Make sure to get your plumbing setup checked by a professional plumber twice a year even if everything is working perfectly. They have training and tools at their disposal to identify and rectify any potential problems.

For Safety: The chances of accidents and injuries cannot be ruled out if someone tries to do plumbing work despite not having expertise and tools. For example, you may receive an electric shock when trying to fix a water heater. Professional plumbers have training to perform such works. They have the skill set and instruments to perform everything to perfection.

For a Guarantee: Professional plumbers generally provide a warranty on their plumbing services. Once you have worked with a professional plumber, you are most likely to have his contact number and address and hence, can easily reach out to the person whenever required.   

Christian Plumber: Is It a Joke?

The term “Christian Plumber” may irk some. According to them, someone using a mix of his profession and faith on the visiting card is very repulsive. May be, they think it is kind of an astute declaration of racial superiority. But in many countries who proudly call their cultural ethics strongly based on Christian values, this placard is not uncommon at all. You could see a tagline like “Christian Plumbing” on a visiting card or van.

To me, nothing is wrong about it. The confession is not to seek, demand and establish racial or religious superiority but just a benign declaration of one’s faith and being closer to spirituality. At one point of time, I got curious to know if he was actually referring to any Christian way of doing pluming work. But then realization dawned upon me that he was actually a devoted Christian and definitely not referring to any ‘Christianized’ plumbing activity. 

Now I feel more intrigued by the use of adjectives. This ‘part of speech’ is used to qualify the nouns, make them look bigger and more important than they actually are. So, when I look at the combination “Christian Plumber Near Me”, I fail to understand how the word ‘Christian’ is magnifying or glorifying ‘Plumber’. To me, it is not adding force, depth, light, texture or anything else to the noun.

Verdict: A childlike mix of adjective and noun it sounds! The combo does not offer any particular insight into the noun and just loosely attaches to the word (plumber) it follows. The adjective is not serving any purpose other than revealing the person’s faith. Christian plumbers in my area are not a few. Some people will prefer to contact these plumbers with a hope that those, who love God and Jesus, will be more committed to their work. For me, ‘Christian’ is a word to define my belief and behaviours and never to describe what I am by profession.