How To Create, Build, Monitor & Promote Your Online Reputation

Reputation marketing is the creation of a brand reputation in real time, which enterprises receive from online comments, reviews, complaints and criticisms of their customers.


It’s kind of “word of mouth”, only now it comes in the form of blog comments, Google business reviews, repeated tweets, Facebook likes and sharing likes and reposts on all possible social networking platforms.


Given that reputation marketing is based on what other people are saying about your business, it seems like you can sit back and relax. After all, you can’t control the fact that people will publish or change the opinion of each client who has a bad review, so you can just leave them to say that they will, right?


Reputation marketing is not just the thoughts of people about your business that come to mind for no reason. This is an active management of the comments and criticism of your client to create the brand image you want. Reputation marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, just stick to these basic strategies to succeed.


Create your Reputation

Instead of just selling, try to find out what people are saying about your product and collect this information yourself. Customers are eager to see products and evaluate them. To get their opinion, create forums and collect the data thus obtained.


Some of the most effective ways to collect feedback about your brand are through online polls, contests for users on your Facebook page or email newsletters, opening blog posts for comments, or tweets for your followers to respond.


Customer image – This type of data collection is invaluable as it gives you a direct answer to what your customer thinks. Do not let this information go to waste – analyze your marketing strategy and carefully look at who your customers are:


  • Are these the same people you thought you were targeting?

  • What are their buying patterns?

  • Age?

  • Where do they live?

  • Which customers are likely to leave positive feedback?

Build your Reputation

Waiting for a “good” reputation is not an effective marketing strategy. Creating a positive image of the company is a painstaking work. If you want your customers to give positive feedback about your products and services, you need to spend time and effort to make this happen.


To do this, you need to take the time that is happening around you. Read comments, find relevant hashtags, or scan the Internet for reviews of your business. Once you realize what people are saying, you have the opportunity to use it.


Reputation Monitoring

Take your bad reviews and take them apart. If enough people have the same comments, changing the way you work in this area, this can cause a huge shift in the minds of your client, as experienced by marketing companies in Los Angeles.


Then look at the praise your brand receives — in what areas do you excel? How can you strive to be even better to leave your competitor far behind? Customer reviews are an indispensable way to collect your customers’ likes and dislikes for your products, to analyze and give them exactly what they want.


Promote your Reputation

Even if your customers make a significant part of your marketing for you, this does not mean that you should not continue to use existing channels to send messages on behalf of your brand.


To use reputation marketing to your advantage when creating other campaigns, you need to pay close attention. This means that you need to look not only at whether your customers leave positive or negative reviews.


Deepener is the essence of what they say about you.

Removing attention to keywords that constantly appear in your comments or reviews on the Internet may inspire you to the next PR campaign, and try to refer directly to these comments.


For example, if you continue to see the word “uncomfortable” in negative reviews, you can adapt your marketing campaigns or strategies to focus on emphasizing how convenient your product or service can make their life.

Thus, reputation marketing helps you identify the problem and find a solution that you can submit “on a silver platter”.