An Overview of Shower Standing Handles – Features, How to Choose and Top-Selling 12

A shower handle is a great help for those struggling to stand up or move in the tub or shower. The handle is easy to push or pull when trying to move around. It helps with balance so that you don’t slip and tip on the wet bathroom floor and get an injury. These shower handles are especially helpful for the disabled, weak and older people who have a greater chance of losing their balance.

How Do Shower Handles Help?

Slip and fall are more common on bathroom floor. This is because, bathroom remains wet for most of the time. Bathroom injuries are usually severe. Older adults are more likely to slip and tip on bathroom and get hurt than the younger ones. A large number of bathroom-related injuries happens while taking a shower or getting out of shower/tub. You can adopt several precautionary measures to prevent yourself or someone in your family from falling and getting hurt in the bathroom. Non-slippery mats are a good choice but shower standing or grab rails are a useful installation.

Shower handles are useful in the following situations:

  • Bathing
  • Getting into and out of the shower or bathtub
  • Standing from sitting, bending or changing positions

How to Choose a Shower Standing Handle?

Your choice of shower handles should be guided by your specific needs. You might like to consider the following factors before buying a shower standing handle.

Size of Bath/Shower Bar: Some shower bars can easily fit in small spaces. There are bars that fit in large or standard showers/tubs. Some companies make both small and big bars so that people with varying needs can easily find one they are looking for. You should buy a shower handle that fits in your space size.

The shower bars come in the range of 9-42 inches. When making a purchase, remember a simple rule: the longer, the better.

Shower Bar Weight: Check the recommended weight limit for each standing shower bar. You must ensure that it can give strong support to everyone in your family, who will use the bar regularly.  

Fixed or Removable: Some bars are attached to the bathroom wall. They are easy to take off and move around for use and cleaning. Others need installation with hardware.

Removable shower handles are easy for cleaning and can be used for different purposes. However, fixed handles are safer than the removable ones. The fixed handles are wall-mounted with screws and so, steadier and stronger. These are stable. One disadvantage is: they are not movable and hard to remove.

Material: Shower bars are made of different materials, ranging from plastic to metal. Metal bars are heavy and so, can support heavyweight persons. These look more aesthetic and elegant. You might want to consider both weight and style factor when choosing the material.

Needs: Not all buyers have the same needs. Some may need a standing shower bar to get in and out of the tub or shower whereas others will buy one for support while bathing or showering.

12 Shower Standing Handles

Moen Home 24-Inch Stainless Shower Standing Handle

It is not surprising that this Moen shower standing handle gets 5 stars from 80% of its reviewers. This great shower bar works for both kids and older people. It gives them a lot of space for a tight grab while getting in and out of shower.

The bar is made of top-notch quality stainless steel and so can withstand up to 500 lbs of weight.

The bar oozes a warm, metallic shine that can give your bathroom a touch of magic. The hidden screws add to the elegance of the lightly brushed bar. It is easy to install. You can use it in different ways.

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip Bathtub and Shower Standing Handle

‘Safe’ is in its name and it works up to one’s expectation. It comes with suction cups and so, you need no hardware for its installation. The suction cups will stick to glass, tiles or any plain, non-porous surface.

The 11.5-inch long bar can perfectly fit in both small and standard tubs. It is available in few colours, with chrome and white being the most popular ones, giving you the chance to match the buy with your other bathroom fixtures.

The instruction reads that this bar can help you with support and balance but you should not place full weight on it. So, you need to follow the instructions for your safety.

Gotega 2 Pack Shower Standing Handle

This Gotega 2 pack shower standing handle is a pocket-friendly option. This bar works out for the elderly people, seniors and kids. It is great for even regular people who need some support while taking shower so that they do not slip and fall on the floor.

You do not need to install the pair on the same wall. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose from 12-48 inches long bars. Hence, you have options for a grab.

Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, these shower handles can withstand up to 500 lbs of pressure. It means, older people, children and others can stay safe while getting in and out of the shower. Literally speaking, you will get 2 bars at the price of one.

Budding Joy 2 Pack Strong Shower Grab Bars Suction

This bar is an ideal choice for those who need an added assurance of safety while getting in and out of the shower/tub. These can be fixed to only plain, clean and smooth walls.

These bars are not designed to hold up to a person’s full weight. The grab bars ensure an easy and steady grip. These portable bars are easy to put up on the wall and take off as well, a feature that has heavily contributed to their immense popularity.

Suction tends to get weaker over time; so, check the bars before every use.

LEVERLOC Shower Safety Shower Standing Handle

The handle, fixed with suction cups, needs no screws to put up on the wall. If your bathroom wall features a plain surface, these cups will easily stick to the wall.

The handle can hold up to 240 lb of weight. However, the company warns that users should not put their full weight on the bar and it should be installed only on a non-porous surface.

The U-shaped shower standing bar sticks out a little more from the wall than other shower handles and hence, gives you more room for a good grab.

The bar surface is easy to grab as it is made of rubber.

Moen 30-Inch Flip-up Shower Standing Handle

This shower grab bar is ideal for a small bathroom. It ensures a safe, steady grip. When not in use, you can flip the bar and rest it against your bathroom wall. When needed, it is ready for use in a flash.

The shower handle is 30 inches long. The bathroom handle bar is strong enough to support 300 lbs of weight.

It is available in two finishes – stainless and glacier. Both types look great and either of them is a good grab for styling your bathroom. The shower bar meets ADA-approved safety guidelines and comes with a lifetime warranty.

AquaChase 2-Pack 17-in Suction Shower Standing Handle with Indicators

AquaChase brings a pair of two grab bars, each measuring 17 inches in length. The bars are easy to put up on a smooth, non-porous wall. You can fix them on two different walls.

The pair of bars has an additional safety feature, which is pretty appealing to the users. Each suction cup displays a colour that indicates that the bar is strongly holding to the wall. The company makes a clear mention that these bars help people with balance but are not meant to withstand their full weight.

Vibe Grab Bar for Bathtubs and Showers

This grab bar is simple but sturdy. It looks pretty and can be used in your bathroom or toilet for balance and even in kitchen as a part of quick makeover.

The metallic bar can withstand 500 lbs of pressure. Installation is not a Herculean task and the bar comes with the screws to be safely mounted on the wall.

The bar comes in 3 lengths and 5 different colours. Hence, you have options to make an ideal combination that matches your bathroom décor.

Amazon Basics Bathroom Handicap Safety Grab Bar

This safety shower handle is 24 inches long. It comes with screws so that you can safely mount it on any wall. This bar is pretty long and as per the company’s claim, can hold up to 500 lbs of weight. The bar passes the litmus test of ADA safety standards.

The stainless steel bar has got rave reviews on Amazon. More than 80% of the reviewers say highly about it, giving it a 5-star rating.

DIWANGUS 16-Inch Stainless Steel Chrome Shower Grab Bar

DIWANGUS sells a pack of two 16-inch shower bars. The pack comes with screws, which means you have to drill in the wall to put them up. 

If properly installed, each bar can withstand 500 lbs of weight. The bar surface is designed rough to ensure good grip for users.

Moen 16-Inch Screw-in Curved Grab Bar with Built-in Shelf

The curved shower handle features a shelf and keeps you safe during your shower. The space-saving grab bar has a removable tray where you can keep your bath essentials so that these are easily accessible when needed.

The tray is easy to remove. You can take it out for cleaning. The shower handle is 16 inches long and easy to mount on the wall.

Flip-Flop Safety Grab Bar

This safety bar needs to be mounted on the wall and so, comes with screws. The best part of the bar is you can flip it and rest it against the wall after use. The feature makes the bar a space-saving installation, particularly in small bathrooms. The bar is available in three types – brass, chrome or gold.