A brief discussion on Sodexo Meal Pass and what are its uses?

The Sodexo Meal Pass is India’s no 1 employee meal benefit solution. Meal expenses have always been a vital issue of concern for salaried individuals. As we often see, managing groceries and other meal expenses becomes a very difficult task for people who stay away from home or for a person who is the single earning member of a family. A huge amount of salary goes into buying groceries and ordering food.

An employer who can understand this scenario properly can save his employees from such hassles. He can save the in-hand salary of an employee by reducing the taxes. With the help of the Digital Meal Card employees can provide a portion of their salary as meal benefits.

Nowadays it has become a common practice and most companies are offering Sodexo meal cards to their employees. Though  H.R. of a company has many options to choose from, Sodexo has always been the top priority for any company. Because it is a reputed company. Sodexo has been serving small, medium, and large-sized organizations for many years. It is the leading employee meal benefit solution.

Facts about Sodexo Meal Pass:-

Sodexo Meal Pass is a tax-compliant solution and it is offered by both large and small organizations to its employees. It is digitally secure with a pin and you can activate it on the online portal. This card functions in the same manner as any credit card or debit card. The pin will be generated from the user’s end and will be needed for transactions. The pin must be a unique pin only known to the user.

It is a great solution for increasing the in-hand salary of an employee. It will reduce the amount which an employee pays as a tax on their monthly income. When tax will not be deducted from the salary of the employee, that money will sum up to a good amount at the end of a year and can be used for buying groceries, ordering food, and nonalcoholic beverages. When calculated the amount will be around Rs.12,000 per employee annually.

In addition to the tax-saving benefit, the cardholder will also get Sodexo exclusive offers across various outlets and stores. These offers are extra savings, and it sums up to Rs.8000 per year. One can redeem these offers across various brands online and offline. Therefore the total money saved will be around Rs.20,000 per year. When an employee will understand this trick of optimizing tax benefits through this pass, he will enjoy using it.

Use of Sodexo Meal Card at Big Basket and Swiggy:-

Digital selling has become a norm for companies these days to reach out to their customers easily. They are putting a lot of effort into delivering a first-class experience to their customers. Customers are also liking the comfort of getting goods delivers to their doorstep. Following this trend, Sodexo has entered the digital space and now comes with preloaded benefits which can be used both online and offline for buying groceries and food.

One will need to activate the Sodexo Meal Pass-through SMS or online medium. This card has a validity of 5 years and it uses for the purchase of food and nonalcoholic beverages through Sodexo’s network of registered companies in India. Sodexo has partnerships with online eCommerce companies like Big Basket, Grofers, Swiggy where Sodexo Meal Pass has its uses for making payments. Below we have mentioned the procedures through which Sodexo meal cards are accepted online on various platforms:


Swiggy’s latest partnership with Sodexo’s meal card has benefited users very much, as they can now order food on Swiggy and use the meal card as a mode of payment.

How does Swiggy accept Sodexo?

  • Select Sodexo meal card for making payment.
  • You will first have to enter the card details and the unique pin in the next step.
  • You will receive an sms after making the payment.


How does URDOORSTEP accept Sodexo?

  • Choose “pay by Sodexo meal card” as the payment mode.
  • The delivery agent will arrive at your doorstep with your order and the sodexo terminal.
  • Swipe sodexo meal card for successfully making the payment.


How can you use the Sodexo meal pass for online shopping at Big Basket?

  • Select Sodexo meal card for making the payment .
  • It is important to tell the delivery agent that you will pay through Sodexo at the time of delivery.
  • The delivery agent will send an sms or an email on the registered contact details .
  • Click on the link in the sms or in the email to load the sodexo payment page.
  • Lastly you should enter your name,card number,cvv number and PIN for completing the payment.

Now we will see how one can buy groceries from Grofers using Sodexo:

How to buy groceries using a Sodexo card on Grofers?

Grofers, after paying close attention to their customer feedback, has started accepting payments using Sodexo meal cards for delivering groceries to their customers as Sodexo has become a sort of currency and now has widespread acceptance across hundreds of corporate agencies and they are issuing Sodexo cards to their employees.

Grover wants to change the retail grocery shopping in India by accepting Sodexo payments and bringing you convenience with great savings. By making payment through Sodexo on Grofers you can avail all the savings along with the purchase of quality products.

Now we will discuss how to use the Sodexo meal pass for online shopping at Grofers:

  •  Install the Grofers app or log onto grofers.
  • Choose “sodexo meal card” on the payment page .
  • Next put your card details and make the payment.
  • You will get a confirmation sms .

Final Thoughts:-

Thus, we can say that Sodexo is a multi-benefit card and unique solution where a magnetic strip can avail meal benefits across their 1 lakh strong merchant network. They are now launching the new “Sodexo pay” for contactless payment. It is gradually bringing its digital transformation.