Which are FREE2PLAY Games worth Playing in 2021?

Free2Play games are top-rated. EZNPC introduces you to popular games that you can play for free, and we recommend you to do so at this time. That’s the idea behind the list: To give you an idea of ​​Free2Play games in 2021, we have compiled the free games currently worth playing. Our inventory also includes mobile games, shooting games, and action RPGs in addition to classic MMORPGs. Different platforms such as Steam, PC, iOS, Android, PS4/5, and Xbox One/Series X|S are also considered. The list is not sorted in any particular way.

Path of Exile

Genre: Action Role Playing Game | Developer: Grinding Gear Games | Platform: PC, PS4/5, Xbox One / Series X | S | Release Date: October 23, 2013 | Model: Free2Play

What is Path of Exile? Path of Exile (PoE) is a fantasy action RPG with high complexity and poses a severe challenge to Diablo 3, the king of the genre.

PoE relies on a vast skill tree instead of clearly defined classes and playing styles. The seven character classes only set the starting point. Combining many upgrades and advanced Poe Currency upgrades, there are almost unlimited possibilities for exciting and unique character construction.

Grinding Gear Games is constantly developing games and launches a new challenge league approximately every three months. This is where new game mechanics are introduced, and players have the opportunity to “start from scratch.

Free2Play Path of Exile Model

How free is it? You can only purchase makeup effects at Path of Exile with real money, such as clothing, replacement magic mirrors, larger storage space, and clearer loot.

Besides, with each expansion, the developer will release some support packages, which contain the currency used to purchase microtransactions and a unique appearance with the current alliance style.

You can’t use real money to gain an advantage in the game, but active players can’t avoid the bloat of one or the other of their loot boxes.


  1. Hack & slash style non-stop action
  2. Continuously developing
  3. Wealthy game content
  4. Great freedom in character design
  5. Harsh and complex game mechanics


  1. It may be too large and complicated for casual gamers-getting started is not easy.

Is Path of Exile suitable for playing?

If you have always liked optimizing and modifying characters, then PoE is your skill!

Path of Exile always offers something new, especially for newcomers, and those who participate and spend time learning about many features are a few months longer than before.

Path of Exile is a better Diablo for many fans. Even if you temporarily lose interest, the next expansion may provide many attractive build options and content, and you will be happy to return.


Genshin Impact

Type: Cooperative Role Playing | Developer: miHoYo | Platform: PC, PS4/5, Android, iOS | Release Date: September 28, 2020 | Model: Free2Play

What is Genshin Impact? It is an anime-style Free2Play cooperative RPG from Chinese studio miHoYo. It is similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In a team of up to 4 characters, you can swap back and forth between two characters. You will challenge various tasks, follow an exciting story and explore Teyvat’s open game world. In this way, you can increase the character level and increase the adventure level, thereby further improving the game experience.

Genshin Impact has many characters and weapons and can provide a variety of gameplay. The elements of characters and the coordination between them are particular.

Therefore, RPG contains fire, water, freezing, deformation (wind), and electronic elements. There will be more in the future. Each character has two unique skills, which can be cleverly combined. For example, if you attack an enemy with a water attack, it will get wet. If you subsequently attack with Freeze, a reaction will occur, and the enemy will freeze.

In this way, various powerful combinations can be created, especially in challenging dungeons and challenges. Defeating the opponent bluntly is usually not practical here.

In the cooperative mode, your friends can be added to your team. No more than four characters in a dynamic team. If you play in pairs, each player will play two roles. The cooperation model is minimal, and your friends only hold support positions. You cannot interact with mission providers, open boxes, or activate dungeons.

Currently, only two regions can be explored in Genshin Impact. As the game continues to develop, more areas will appear. But you can already invest hundreds of hours in the game without getting bored.

In addition to the main story that runs through the various areas of the game, there are also a large number of side tasks, character-related tasks, and a large number of events. These events change regularly, and you can always do something.

Genshin Impact Free2Play model

How free is it? Genshin Impact can be downloaded and played for free on any platform. You don’t need to invest real money to experience all the game content in the cooperative RPG. However, it provides a gacha system based on random loot boxes.

In Genshin Impact, you can get several currencies (except one) in the game world.

  1. mora
  2. veteran
  3. Creation crystal (only available in-store)

With the veteran, you can buy the items needed for prayer in the shop. These are loot boxes in the game, allowing you to acquire new characters and weapons. Because most names only appear in prayer.

Mora is a typical in-game currency, which can be said to be the gold in Genshin Impact. With Mora, you can buy daily necessities from vendors in town. For example, you also need it to upgrade characters and items.

Here, Creation crystals is a typical premium currency, and you can only buy it with real money. It can be used to exchange veterans in the store and purchase various reward packages with multiple resources.

The design of the store is very fair, and you can fully enjoy the fun of Genshin Impact without investing real money. However, if you want a specific role and have no patience, you will not come to this store to buy your veterans for better or worse. The chance of falling is so tiny that some players spend thousands of euros to get their favorite character.


  1. The large open game world
  2. Many different roles
  3. The fast-paced, action-packed combat system
  4. Good story
  5. A lot of activity
  6. Completely free to play


  1. gacha entices you to buy real money
  2. In the later stages of the game
  3. Strict restrictions in cooperation

Who is Genshin Impact suitable for? Cooperative RPG is especially ideal for fans of the open game world that invites you to explore. Fans of The Legend of Zelda will love its appearance, and anime fans will love its style. The battle is full of movement, and the combination of elements inspires thoughts. Genshin Impact is a game in between, ideal for casual exploration and quick completion of daily tasks. However, even diehard gamers can find enough time to spend some time in the game and master all the challenges.



Type: MMORPG | Developer: Bluehole Studio | Platform: PC, PS4 / 5, Xbox One / Series X | S | Release Date: May 3, 2012 | Model: Free2Play

What is Tera? Tera is an MMORPG with an Asian-looking action combat system, where you can defeat the monsters of the fat boss, fight against fantastic dungeons, and complete raids. PVP also plays an essential role in Tera. Therefore, there will always be battles between players or wars between guilds in the open game world.

With its combat system, Tera can engage in dynamic confrontations with impressive bosses. You must actively participate in combat, attack, and evasion. Just aim at the boss and press a few buttons, and it’s gone.

In the open game world, you will get many tasks and tell stories. The picturesque background invites you to explore, and even after eight years, Tera still looks excellent.

Tera has seven games and 13 classes, providing suitable characters for every taste. These are luxurious and unique animations. Every attack feels very powerful, and the effect continues to produce “wow” moments.

Major content updates will appear regularly, such as adding new dungeons to the game or even deleting them. Therefore, there is always a certain degree of rotation in content. Activities with special rewards are also carried out regularly. In 2020, the last major update was released, which comprehensively improved the MMORPG and provided a lot of content.

Tera’s Free2Play model

How free is it? Since the beginning of 2013, Tera has been offered for free and made money through the in-game store.

However, all content can be played without using real money, and the store is mainly limited to cosmetics, mounts, pets, or the purchase of aristocratic status.

Elite status provides you with various discounts, only 14.99 euros per month:

  1. 15 EMP points per day, you can redeem cosmetics in the store
  2. Dungeon and raid access restrictions will be doubled
  3. 100% EXP bonus
  4. Gold boost
  5. Level 1 mount
  6. A buff item that can be used to increase your key strength and reduce the time between attacks
  7. And more

The advantage of being an elite is enormous, but it is not necessary to participate in the Tera finals, but it will still be interesting afterward.


  1. Powerful graphics, reflected in exquisite animations and well-designed open world
  2. A complicated and smooth action combat system invites you to defeat your opponents with endless fun.


  1. Conservative game with monotonous tasks during leveling
  2. Specific categories of gender lock
  3. Finding quality equipment requires a lot of discipline, and you must be involved.

Who is Tera suitable for? All MMORPG fans like chic graphics, excellent action combat systems, and great bosses will be satisfied with Tera. The Asian style is not an exaggeration, and it should also meet the needs of Western players.

Tera is an ideal choice for console gamers because you can still learn the controller controls intuitively and quickly despite a lot of actions.

If you plan on a long adventure, a lot of exploration, training, and battle, Tera will provide you with good help.


Old School RuneScape

Type: MMORPG | Developer: Jagex | Platform: PC, iOS, Android | Release Date: 2013 | Model: Free2Play

What is Old School RuneScape? RuneScape is a classic MMORPG game that has been around since 2001. The base game is constantly evolving and modernizing. However, fans hope that the game will return to its old feel. In 2013, the developer Jagex introduced the classic version of PCs and smartphones through Old School RuneScape. Since February 2015, the game has been Free2Play.

  1. Old School RuneScape is a classic MMORPG that focuses on the interaction between players. Therefore, you can make objects and trade with them.
  2. MMORPG provides you with 23 different “skills,” such as sailing or forging. You can perform hundreds of tasks in the vast open game world and design your character with multiple options according to your ideas.
  3. If at least 75% of all subscribers agree, the developer Jagex will only add other features or even update.

Despite the age of the game, no matter what RuneScape looks like, there are many players of different ages. The world seems to be alive, and groups can be found quickly. Leya Jankowski, brand manager of MeinMMO, tried to find out why in 2018.

Most of them are not interested in graphics but are not interested in mechanisms and interactions with the community.

Free2Play model of Old School RuneScape

How free is it? Old School RuneScape is free to play. There is no in-game shop where you can buy other skins or other cosmetics.

However, you can charge monthly membership fees. As a member, you only need to pay less than 10 euros a month to participate in the voting to determine new content. You can also use eight other skills, countless adventures, and exclusive membership mini-games.

Those who want to give up their membership can still explore the world of Old School RuneScape without any problems.


  1. Various skills of MMORPG
  2. Large community
  3. Close cooperation between players and developers


  1. Get used to graphics.
  2. A subscription is required to experience all features 9.49 euros per month.

Who is Old School RuneScape suitable for? Anyone who likes the quiet, classic MMORPG (interacting with the community to become the front desk) is welcome to use it.

Old School RuneScape is famous in the community for its relaxing effect. Few movements and many quiet moments contribute to this.

Therefore, if you cannot perform any operations with the old graphics, you should stay away from MMORPG.


Guild Wars 2

Type: MMORPG | Developer: ArenaNet | Platform: PC | Release Date: August 28, 2012 | Model: Free2Play

What is Guild Wars 2? Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG from ArenaNet that takes place in the fantasy world of Tyria. Guild Wars 2 needs to update the story regularly to bring new areas and rewards to the game.

Guild Wars 2 updates its content every two months, during which there will be some events and some small innovations. In 2021, the third major film, The End of the Dragon, will appear. It brought the continent of Cantha, known as Guild War 1, and completely changed its background to the Asian world.

Nevertheless, Guild Wars 2 is still a bit bumpy. The last update in mid-January did not fully show the best. Alexander Leitsch, a MeinMMO writer and expert on Fighting, is not enthusiastic.

Guild Wars 2 Free2Play model

How free is it? Guild Wars 2 first appeared as a purchased game. You must buy the basic version once before you can experience the whole world. Nearly three years after its release, the basic game became Free2Play.

People can easily explore the old world, bring the characters to the highest level, and even equip them to the greatest extent. Arena and server-to-server PvP content can also be used as free players.

But there are extensions, and if you want full access to them, you must purchase them. The latest areas, special features (such as slides or mounts), the ninth category of the undead, and surprise attacks are all related to the two expansions of Heart of Thorns or Fire Road. If you need it, you can buy “Fire Road” for about 30 Euros. Other extensions will be included automatically.

Then there are regular content patches in the form of the lifeworld. As long as you are a new user, you can automatically activate this feature for free. A plot will appear every 2-3 months, and you can get the current property for free until the following story appears.

Then, you pay for the gems, and you can buy these gems with real money or exchange them for in-game currency.

There is also a shop that provides some quality of life items and various cosmetics.

Who is Guild Wars 2 for? If you are looking for an exciting and action-packed MMORPG where you can play along with your friends, then you have come to the right place. Currently, Guild Wars 2 provides a lot of free content that can keep you busy for hundreds or thousands of hours. The only frustrating thing is that you must purchase extensions and old content patches if you want to have a complete gaming experience.


  1. Fascinating game world and story
  2. Regular content patch
  3. Full storyline
  4. Fair item shop, you can choose to get all items through in-game currency.
  5. Casual and beginner-friendly



  1. Content patches usually only provide a few hours of content.
  2. Instantiation, a lot of content comes very slowly.