YSL Black Opium Dossier

The Award of The Best Perfume Women Dossier Goes To

Who not want to smell good? The answer is ‘Everyone’. Perfume is a fascination with many, cutting across the gender and age. Most of the time, people tend to rely on the aroma of soaps they use when it comes to choosing a perfume but that’s hardly enough.

There are many reputed perfume manufacturers who have discovered the perfect formula to develop the signature masterpiece of their very own. Unfortunately, there are thousands of companies struggling hard to find out the perfect blend for making history.

This write-up is intended to focus on a famous masterpiece in the world of perfumes. The YSL Black Opium Dossier.co has taken the world of fragrances by storm and their products have become a favourite with both men and women. Without a drop of doubt, a good perfume like whatever comes from their den becomes a part of persona of the wearer – a key to win the heart of millions all over the globe. 

So, if you have gone tried of familiar fragrances and want to try something new, classy and more aromatic, this YSl Black Opium Dossier is a teaser for your sense and sensibility. It will keep you fresh and fragrant for hours. Let us now dive deep into this particular perfume.

YSL Black Opium Dossier.co

YSl Black Opium Perfume Dossier.co is a well-known perfume manufacturer. Black Opium is one of its finest and most fragrant perfumes. YSL is a condensed expression for Yves Saint Laurent which is a French luxury brand famously known for manufacturing high-quality products for both men and women. Sergio Tache is the CEO of this multi-product brand and Ines Guien functions as the head of the logistics and products development.

YSL has been around since 1961 and emerged as a name for excellence in the fashion domain. Its annual revenue runs in thousands of cores and the company has earned spiking global reputation for its leather products, shoes, ready-to-wear clothes and jewelleries. Therefore, a perfume coming from YSL has the hallmark of their commitment to class and quality. The perfumes are produced with a host of natural ingredients.

The YSL Perfume Dossier.co was established in 2018 and launched its eCommerce store in April 2019. They started selling lakhs of perfumes soon after embarking on their ecommerce endeavour.

The bottle is clean and sleek with a logo at the heart of it. The look creates ripples of sensation that gets transformed into blasts of joy once the wearers open the bottle. A fresh whiff of unique, amazing and comforting sensation with floral fragrance flatters the femininity in women. It exudes a joyful vibe that goes perfectly well with a pretty woman at a night party. It pampers and promotes the independent and indomitable spirit in YOU.

Choose the Perfect Perfume

Finding the right smell is not easy at all. A little bit of focus and research will take you to your ‘dream’ choice. How to make sure that a particular perfume excels on all required parameters? You need to educate yourself about the tip, middle and bottom notes. In addition, you should have knowledge of the time length it stays active. There is nothing like a PERFECT choice for all. You should take a pick that aromatizes your persona in a way no other does and you smell splendid.

Different Notes of YSL Black Opium

The brand comes up with three interesting aromatic versions of black opium – Top, Middle and Base.

The top notes of YSL black opium may smell lighter and more volatile. Soon after applying the perfume, you will notice pear, pink pepper and orange blossom. It promotes the fruit combo.

Middle notes are more about evoking nostalgia with the primary purpose of maintaining the stability in the body’s fluid levels. The perfume incorporates bitter almond, coffee, jasmine and licoricey in the middle notes.

The base notes are soothing and comforting. It offers a relaxing blend of cashmere wood, cedar, patchouli and vanilla. The warmth and woodiness of fragrance feels natural and pleasant.

Amber: You don’t need to use any particular ingredients to create the magic of the most aromatic smell. Its usage is meant to lure attention to the combo of many other offers such as, benzoin, labdanum and vanilla. Its smell is similar to Cistus oil extracted from Cistus plant. The smell is rich, powerful and stimulating to give you a lingering smile. 

Musk: Many perfumes use beautiful fragrance. It is hard to draw a parallel to this particular fragrance but almost like coming across the natural smell in this world. Due to its origination from animals, this mild perfume is widely considered a “magic” component.

Oud: This fragrant base effectively elevates other notes and successfully creates a romantic vibe. It offers a peculiar smell – earthy, sweet and smoky with a tingling sensation.

Vanilla: This popular scent can lend a magic finishing touch. Of all aromas, vanilla is the most common and popular and above all, a favourite with women. Frankincense is present in creams, body lotions and other scented products. It offers different types of fragrances such as, woody, floral and fruity.

Final Words

There are so many perfumes available in the market that you will almost get spoilt for a choice. Some are affordable whereas a few are expensive and the rests do a decent balance between price and quality.

Of a handful of classy and quality choices, Yves Saint Laurent Perfume Dossier.co surely woos millions of hearts. Coming from a company widely known for its quality products, this perfume offers the most exquisite and exciting fragrance imaginable. The bottle looks pretty stylish and creates an irresistible appeal and the fragrance gives a fillip to your confidence, persona and self-esteem.

Top Accords of YSL Black Opium Dossier.co

Vanilla is the topmost accord. Its essence is warm, creamy and sweet.  Coffee accord comes second. It is dark, bitter and sweet. Some other accords are floral, fruity, powdery, spicy and woody.

Millions of women have made their choice from YVES Perfume Dossier.co. When are you going to choose yours?